The Muppets Take Instagram (and Make it Work)

muppets instagram

Brands have tried and failed to incorporate Instagram into their social strategy. The network’s highly-visual nature, lack of outside linking and relatively young user base, make it attractive to a specific audience, and very difficult for a number of brands to use. A classic brand that has successfully made the jump is The Muppets.

Much like their Sesame Street cousins, The Muppets have, in recent years, taken to social media in a big way. They’ve made their marks on YouTube, Facebook and Twitter, and they’ve managed to do it again with Instagram. How? Selfies!

Although the Instagram account includes promotional imagery for the upcoming Muppets film that is attractive and interesting, the best performing Instagrams have been the selfies. Why?

They’re on trend.

Love them or hate them, you can’t escape selfies. They’ve become part of the culture, vernacular and, even, part of digital marketing. Although other brands have tried it to varying degrees of success, it’s a natural fit for The Muppets. The fact that they can take advantage of the trend in an effective way boosts their Instagram visibility and attracts fans and followers. Even people who hate selifies are probably charmed by Kermit snapping one.

They’re well done.

One of the great characteristics of the Muppets and all of their incarnations, is that everything they do seems very real. They, as characters, are accepted as beings in the real world, so when they show up as guests on talk shows or judges on “Project Runway” it seems pretty natural. The Muppeteers’ skills are so incredible that we accept that they are living beings, and that talent translates to these Instagram photos. They look like they’re real selfies, complete with filters, awkward poses, and a presence of outstretched arms.

They highlight each Muppet’s personality.

Every Muppet’s personality is so well-defined and ingrained in fans, that if one does or says something out of character, there will be backlash. The selfies beautifully, and hilariously, embody each Muppet’s personality, not only in their poses, but also in their accompanying captions.

The folks over at Sesame Street have also embraced the social space. Learn about their social success here.