MINI Celebrates 50 Years with Not Normal Event

We know that there are a variety of ways to celebrate your brand’s birthday, but MINI’s Not Normal campaign, may be our favorite yet.

“We’re celebrating 50 years of standing out from the pack during the Not Normal Sales Event,” the brand boasts on their official site. Of course, there are deals to be had for interested buyers, but that’s not what caught our eye. It was MINI’s clever content marketing in the form of Not Normal vacations and road trips.

As part of its Not Normal America series, MINI has created three infographics, each detailing how MINI drivers can have an extraordinary vacation. The first is called “Vacation like a ________” and allows drivers to choose what kind of person they can vacation like. Options include speed freak (highlighting a trip to Indianapolis — the home of the Indy 500) and zombiephile (with a trip to Fort Myers, Florida).

The second lays out the “International America Road Trip,” highlighting stops in small towns like Zurich, Kansas and a mini Eiffel Tower in Paris, Tennessee.

The third approaches lays out a course for the folks who want to road trip like a hipster. Vacationers can check out the world’s largest hipster in the form of Bemidji, Minnesota’s Paul Bunyan statue, or hear a band that no one has heard of at Chicago’s own Pitchfork Music Festival.

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