Can “Milk Life” Resurrect the Milk Brand?

milk life

My final task in grad school was to come up with an integrated marketing campaign for milk. It was no secret that milk was losing sales to new competitors like almond, soy, and other non-dairy substitutes. My whole class had to prove how we could make milk stand out among its sexier competition, and while we came up with some good ideas, I’m not sure any of us were completely sold on them by the end.

“Milk Life” is the new tagline chosen by the Milk Processor Education Program (MilkPEP), in hopes to bring new life to milk. The $50 million¬†campaign uses print and digital ads to promote milk as a part of everyday life and focuses heavily on milk’s protein content. One eight-ounce glass of milk contains eight grams of protein to help you start your day.

The actual campaign features some very pretty ads that are showcased on MilkLife.com, which sort of serves as a digital hub for a huge variety of content and ads.

Milk Life Water Wings

Going through the website, the protein message is almost too prevalent. There is so much dedicated to the same message that it becomes overkill for the user.

Milk Life Website

As important as protein is, I find myself wondering if it could be worth it to address some other nutritional aspects of milk, or the shortcomings of its competition. Lactose intolerance is a huge topic nowadays, and with soy milk offering the same amount of protein per glass, I can see concerned parents remain unconvinced.

How do you feel about “Milk Life?” Could a new, protein-focused campaign help raise milk’s sales? Let us know in the comments below.