MetLife Introduces Schroeder’s Piano

We love covering and discovering new apps and social media campaigns in the insurance industry, but this may be our favorite consumer engagement method yet.

MetLife has used the beloved Peanuts characters for their TV commercials for years, and this most recent campaign and social media-based game takes advantage of that brand association. MetLife recently began airing commercials featuring the piano-playing Schroeder preparing for the biggest concert of his life. The ad comforts the viewer, saying that taking the first step toward financial security is the hardest part, but once you’ve taken it you realize “I can do this.” Just as Schroeder overcomes his fears in front of a concert hall full of people, so, too, can the viewer overcome his or her hesitation about purchasing life insurance.

But the campaign doesn’t stop with the commercial. MetLife released a new Facebook game/app that extends the scenario used in the ad. The user is invited to help Schroeder give the performance of his life by using his or her own keyboard as a piano, typing as quickly as Schroeder is playing in order to achieve perfection. If the user fails to keep up, there is a chance to start over. If 100% accuracy is achieved, he/she can share it.

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Of course, it’s not enough to just give potential customers a game to play, you have to offer an opportunity for them to become actual customers. Keeping this in mind, the endscreen of the game offers users the opportunity to life the MetLife Facebook page, visit the official MetLife website and get and get an Instant Term Life Quote.

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