Mentions Coming Soon to LinkedIn — Here Are 5 Ways to Use Them

LinkedIn MentionBetween the “top 5%” campaign and new thought leadership updates, LinkedIn is putting noticeable effort into boosting site engagement these days. In the most recent effort to increase conversation, LinkedIn is rolling out its own version of the @mention. Much like on Twitter and Facebook, LinkedIn members will soon be able to mention connections and companies within status messages.

To use the new mention function, simply start typing a connection or company name into your LinkedIn status box, then select their name from the list, finish your status and hit post. Just like on Twitter or Facebook, that person will receive a notification letting them know they’ve been mentioned.

The new mention function also works in post comments, where you can mention connections as well as non-connections as long as they have participated in that comment thread. The new feature has yet to kick in on our accounts, but LinkedIn is in the process of rolling it out to all English-speaking members. LinkedIn Mentions

Here are five ways to put LinkedIn’s new mention feature to good use.

1. Mention the author of the article

ex: Falling down the Internet rabbit hole again? Janelle Vreeland gathered 4 time management tools to help keep you on task: http://bit.ly/10T712O

2. Mention sources

ex: When deciding whether or not to respond to a HARO query, the Fahrenheit Marketing team recommends checking out the publication’s page rank and Alexa score. More HARO tips here: http://bit.ly/Xo4rnX

3. Mention someone you know needed to solve this problem

ex: Hey Will English, this post should answer your question on replacing Facebook app images: http://bit.ly/YcGnVT

4. Encourage employees to mention your company account

ex: This month at lonelybrand we’re talking about how publishers can adapt to the new “read-it-later” trend in content consumption. Check it out: http://bit.ly/12DSXku

5. Support local organizations and businesses

ex: Anyone going to Built in Chicago Launch this month? Ticket info here: http://bit.ly/Yk6YRO