Meet Your New Favorite Content Curation Tool, Swayy

content curation

Content curation and creation are two very important parts of the content marketing/digital marketing world. They allow to craft and find valuable content that resonates with your fans and followers, and then share it with them, helping you to establish a relationship with. To make the content curation process easier, you probably have specific Twitter accounts that you follow, sites that you visit and Google Alerts that you’ve put in place. Rather than jump from site to site, though, in an effort to find the best content, why not use one platform that allows you to get the best of all worlds? Enter Swayy.

content curation swayy

Even though it’s still in beta, Swayy has a sharp and refined interface that allows users to add social accounts, enter keywords and topics, and then scroll through content that is relevant to them. Swayy uses your user profiles and activity to build a list of topics that it thinks are applicable to your interests. Users can then delete, add and otherwise refine these topics to match exactly what their intersts are. From there, Swayy aggregates content that relates back to those topics, and that is currently trending among those in each of your social communities.

Once you find a piece of content that you’d love to share, simply hit “Share.” After you begin using the share function regularly, you’ll build data about the response it gets, and you’ll be able to study the analytics of your shares, allowing you to see what kind of retweets, new followers, and interactions your posts have received. Also, the more you use Swayy, the more it will learn about what topics interest you and your communities, and the more accurate and relevant your content recommendations will become.

Do you have another content curation tool that you love? Share it with us! Or, learn about how to curate content easily with our content curation series.