5 Ways to Use LinkedIn’s New Rich Media Updates

LinkedIn Rich Media

At the beginning of May LinkedIn made it possible for users to share rich media including images, documents and presentations via their profile. And as we close out the month, the professional network has debuted a feature that lets users share those rich media items as updates right on the homepage. This feature will also be available for LinkedIn company pages. To get started, click the paper clip on the right side of your share box and upload your media. To share content that is hosted elsewhere, simply paste the URL in the share box.

This feature should be available to all users in the next couple of weeks. Here are a few ideas to get you in the habit of sharing rich media with personal connections as well as followers of your LinkedIn company page.

How brands can use LinkedIn rich media posts

Inspirational Quotes

In our experience, inspirational quotes rendered in image form are the equivalent of social media gold. All it takes is a relevant graphic or photo and a legible text overlay and you’re in business.


Whether for an industry organization or your internal team, presentations take time and effort to create. If you have one you’re proud of — and that will make sense to viewers without your narration — go ahead and share it with your LinkedIn connections via an update. Be sure to use the comment box to share the basics: what the deck is about, the reason you created it, and why you think your connections might appreciate it.

Event Photos

Sponsoring or attending an industry event? Wrap things up by posting the best photo from the night on LinkedIn. This should of course be a compelling, high quality image. Images are important, but don’t post a less-than-stellar photo just because you can.


LinkedIn is a great place to share infographics — and now you can post the image itself on LinkedIn rather than just the thumbnail that’s included with the link.

A visual version of…anything

When it comes time to post your next job opening, event announcement, company news – basically anything – ask yourself if you could repurpose that message as an image. Data shows that on other networks updates formatted as images drive significantly higher engagement than text-based posts, so it’s worth experimenting with this visual tactic on LinkedIn, too.