Licensed vs. Unlicensed Content Curation

Unlicensed Content Curation

As a brand marketer, chances are you’re familiar with content curation. In fact, recent studies show that a substantial 95% of marketers have curated content at some point in the past six months. Social content curation is becoming increasingly common (and easy) these days, but there’s another equally valuable facet to content curation: sharing content on web properties that you own rather than rent.

Content curation for owned media is a great way to fill your brand’s¬†content pipeline, which as you know takes significant time, effort and budget. There are two distinct approaches to content curation for owned media: unlicensed and licensed.

Unlicensed Content Curation

Think of unlicensed content curation as the free version. In this scenario, you as editor or publisher find content from around the web and share the titles or excerpts from that piece on your own web property. To comply with fair use laws, you don’t copy and paste the full article into your post; instead, you drop a short excerpt and a link so your readers can visit that external web property to get the full story. As an example, CMO.com collects brand marketing content from around the web and shares a short paragraph followed by a link to read the full story on the original publisher’s site.

CMO.com example

Licensed Content Curation

Think of licensed content curation as the paid version that lets you publish others’ articles in full on your website. You still indicate that the piece was written by another publication, but your readers can see the full article without leaving your owned web property. This practice has always been common among newspapers and other publications, but it’s also growing increasingly popular among brands.¬†According to the Content Marketing Benchmark Report, 26% of B2B marketers use licensed or syndicated content. As an example of licensed curated content, check out this piece from the LA Times that was republished in the Chicago Tribune.

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