How to Turn a Law Firm into a Brand Name

law firm digital marketing
Brand is a matter of perception, and when non-referred clients choose a law firm, they do so with a preconception that the organization possesses high integrity and is effective and experienced. In order to foster that presumption, a firm must create a brand image that the consumer associates with these characteristics. This is where digital marketing enters the equation.

Generate a Brand Image via Social Media Channels

Although most personal injury lawyers advertise on television, those experiencing the greatest success are building their brand image on social media platforms. Keep in mind that a firm doesn’t have to be nationwide in order to take advantage of social media. Consider the cachet earned by a local firm that handles general legal questions via an engaging Twitter feed. Curious people will often ask general questions that do not require consultation via Twitter. Once they have had their initial general questions answered, you may be able to convince them to come in for an initial consultation.
Don’t skimp on the details. Remember to add a link to your website on your YouTube channel, and upload an image of your logo, make it consistent, stylish and user friendly all the way through. If people ask questions in the comment section, make sure you log in as the channel and answer their questions. They’ll feel as if the brand really cares about their opinion. Having extra interaction on your channel really boosts how Google evaluates the importance of your videos, also.

Seize High-Profile Opportunities

High-profile legal scenarios generate free advertising and branding because of the coverage they receive on the Internet, TV, radio and so forth. The case that captures the imagination of a social media channel can have a powerful and lasting effect on a firm’s brand. It’s for these reasons that many firms will accept high-profile cases pro bono or at reduced rates. If a case of yours is featured on the local news, then upload it to YouTube. If it was featured in the paper, scan it and post it to your FB page.

Is there a local celebrity or community leader that requires pro bono work? Imagine the amount of coverage you can expect to get in the form of a tweet mentioning your brand as a thank you. Did you recently open a new branch, or host a function with community members in attendance? You should upload photos of people at the event to Facebook, and remember to tag them, as their subscribers will be curious to see where they’ve been.

Develop Marketing that Motivates

Whether a firm markets via television, radio, newspapers, the web or all of the above, message matters. An effective ad reinforces the brand characteristics that a firm has already established, but more importantly—and this is an area where many firms miss the mark—an advertisement should provide the consumer with a reason to consider the firm. Interview clients, and get them to feature in advertisements. If you’re doing a banner ad, break the story down into little chunks. Imagine it is a four frame flash ad, the first frame could be “I was injured and couldn’t return to work,” with a photo of someone looking distraught. The second frame would be “I called (firm name), and they advised me on what to do,” with a photo of the client talking to the lawyer. The third frame could be the client at home, smiling and recovering from there injury without the need to work. The fourth frame could include the business logo, tagline, as well as links to Facebook, YouTube channel, website, and phone number.

When people have a problem these days, they turn to the Internet. If you cover all bases, by being ubiquitous throughout all of the social media channels, you’re more likely to stick in their mind. Rather than calling that personal injury lawyer with the cheesy television advertisement, they may click in your social media profile instead, grab your phone number from there, and give you a call. Keep your social media image clean, reply to comments in a timely manner, and leverage your connections the best way you can.

In legal circles, there’s an old adage that clients hire the lawyer, not the firm, and while there is some truth to that, it doesn’t tell the whole story. After all, not even the best lawyers are likely to overcome a firm’s negative brand imaging. Each lawyer at a firm, however, should establish and nurture his or her own brand in a manner that allows it to flourish under the umbrella of the firm brand.
This post co-written with Carter Capner, specialist at personal injury law in Brisbane.