Latinos Ahead in Digital Consumption

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Nielsen’s Digital Consumer Report┬áreleased some major information. Including data that confirms something that you could probably could have guessed: most U.S. households are hopping on the digital trend. Americans own an average of four digital devices and spend an average of 60 hours consuming digital content each week.

How are we spending more time than the average work-week consuming digital content? We’re multi-tasking: checking Twitter while watching Scandal, shopping on our tablets while watching Netflix, secretly checking Facebook at work, etc.

An interesting fact about the digital trend – Latinos are ahead of everyone. On average, they consume far more digital content and adopt digital trends earlier.

Digital consumer hispanics

On average, Latinos watch more video on the internet and through their phones, and have taken to smartphones at a higher rate than any other demographic.

What could this mean for digital marketing?

Well, it is not a huge surprise that more Latinos are early adopters in the digital age, especially since they are the fastest growing demographic and have immense spending power. Many marketers are attempting to stay ahead and target Latinos in a more meaningful way.

When thinking of your marketing objectives and strategies, it is important to decide if you are trying to reach Latinos or if you need to be. New data consistently reflects that marketers need to take the Latino demographic into account, so it’s a good time to explore the differences within your target audience.

What are your predictions with the increases in digital consumption? Feel free to share your thoughts below.