Klout Attaches New Value to Online Influence with Gilt Discount

You’re telling me my Klout score is actually worth something?

That’s right people. Starting today, you can use your Klout score to snag discounts on Gilt.com purchases. The better your Klout score, the bigger your discount.

Today, Klout tells me that I get a 20% discount from Gilt Groupe. Meh.

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But hey, according to the chart below, on Thursday my score gets me a 60% discount. Ka-ching.

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Klout warns us that there are a limited number of discounts available each day, and they’re available on a first come first serve basis.

It’s a mutually beneficial relationship for the two companies: Klout scores are now an online currency of sorts (for this week, at least), and Gilt Groupe is getting serious face time around the web.

Klout Perks

This isn’t the first time Klout has attempted to reward influencers. The Klout Perks program, which has been around for several months now, gives out free stuff to users who are influential about certain topics.

I was once eligible for the Moo MiniCards below, but (surprise surprise) I never claimed them. What am I going to do with mini business cards? Suggestions are welcome.

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There are some decent perks out there though, like travel vouchers for Airnb and free popchips. And some of these perks end up working really well for Klout and the partner company. A recent perk from Subaru offered a free Subaru-branded dog Blanket to users with Klout scores of 35 or higher and at least medium strength topic influence in dogs or pets. Klout and Subaru must have been pleased with the bit of feedback below.

social media, influenceThe premise of perks is to find influencers, reward them and then hope they talk about the company’s product. Simple but smart.

But there’s one question that can’t be avoided about the startup that the Internet loves to hate: is influence really a quantifiable value? Does it really all come down to a number?

Doubts about the value and implications of online influence scores aside, I have to say that the Klout team is doing a pretty stellar job of adding value to their service and portraying themselves as a fun young company.

Are you a Klout lover or hater? Will you try to snag your Gilt Groupe discount this week? Share your thoughts with us on Twitter.