Keep an Eye on the Competition with Perch

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Keeping tabs on the competition is more time-consuming than ever before. Not only do you have TV ¬†and radio spots to keep track of, you have site updates, articles, and social media posts and contests to look out for. Some services offer the ability to track the competition, but if you’re a small business, the capabilities of the free app Perch can help keep you abreast of your local competition with just a few taps.

Perch РSmall Business gives SMB owners and marketers the ability to keep track of their local competition, not just in terms of social posts, but in terms of promos, photos and reviews.

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Simply type in the name of a competitor business and their location, and you’ll be given their latest stats. You’ll can also scroll through and explore their activity closely, and even visit their social pages, all without having to leave the app. You can even add your closest competitors to your watch list and customize your home feed.


There are more robust competitive tracking apps and tools available, but for the convenience and price tag, Perch is definitely an effective tool that SMB owners and marketers can add to their digital marketing toolboxes.

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