3 Elements That Made J.Crew’s Pinterest Style Book Work

j.crew's pinterest

A week ago, J.Crew’s Pinterest team found a new use for the network by using it to house a sneak peek of the brand’s latest collection. Although many brands have used Pinterest to death, J.Crew found a way to use it in a new way that actually resulted in lots of engagement and interest. How did they do it? Let’s take a closer look.

j.crew's pinterest

Pinterest Debut

For whatever reason, Pinterest isn’t usually the first network a brand targets when launching a campaign. In fact, it usually just houses content from other places. Instead of using the account to re-hash content that’s already been posted somewhere else, the brand used Pinterest to actually debut their September style book. It debuted last Monday, and as of today, it’s still only available via the Pinterest board. Using such a visually-focused social network to debut something like this was a great move on the brand’s part.


If something is exclusive, it tends to be more attractive, whether it’s being one of the selected few members of a beta test, the owner of a limited edition box set, or being part of a community that gets to see something first. The fact that the style book was exclusive to J.Crew’s Pinterest community made it even more appealing to interested customers, and made it easier to track and follow the engagement it was receiving.

Cross Promotion

Yes, the style book debut was exclusive to Pinterest, but that didn’t mean the brand was only relying on its Pinterest followers to find it. In order to ensure engagement, and get fans from all platforms engaged, the style book was cross-promoted across J.Crew’s other social accounts.

j.crew's pinterest

J.Crew’s Pinterest style book debut may have started a new trend for fashion brands, but that doesn’t mean Pinterest is only for B2C brands. Learn how to create a B2B Pinterest strategy with these tips.