Insurance Industry & Social Media Marketing Platforms

In previous articles we’ve covered insurance companies that are doing an exemplary job when it comes to social media. But Allstate, Progressive and GEICO are national brands with a hefty marketing budgets. That leaves us wondering how the rest of the insurance industry approaches social media marketing.

In March 2012, Insurance Insight, The Journal of the Independent Insurance Agents of Illinois released a survey analyzing the digital marketing habits approximately 300 agencies across the US and Canada. In the first installment of a 3-part series, we’ll take a look at the most traditional and nontraditional (digital) marketing methods used by agencies.

Traditional Marketing Methods

According to the Insurance Insight survey, traditional marketing methods like Yellow Pages, local newspapers and direct mail are still fairly popular within the industry.

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Digital Marketing Methods

When it comes to digital marketing methods, the most popular tool by far is the website. Facebook, LinkedIn and email blasts are also popular digital tactics.

insurance industry, social media platforms, social media, digital marketing

Of the agencies that do use social media daily, the most popular platform is Facebook, followed by LinkedIn then Twitter. Twitter and Facebook are the most frequently updated sites, and LinkedIn and Google Places are the least updated.

As far as followership, the number of Facebook likes is 200 and the average number of Twitter followers is 440. Agencies with revenue in the $2.5 – 5 million dollar range tend to be the most active and have the highest level of followers.

Stay tuned to the lonelybrand blog for parts two and three in our social media and insurance series, which will include a look at planning processes and ROI calculation.