If Meme Marketing Is So Clever, Why Aren’t All Brands Doing It?

We’ve seen restaurants embrace bad press and spin it into clever marketing, and we’ve seen TV shows embrace memes to promote themselves. But here’s a new twist: restaurants embracing memes for marketing.

meme-based social media marketing

Originally posted on 9Gag, this pizza place in New York City, located on 33rd and Madison has embraced the Fry and philosoraptor memes to attract some meme and humor loving crowds. And they aren’t the only brand to try it. Rokkan shared this image of Maynard’s Sour Granny Smith Candy, which tried a similar tactic earlier this year. With some help from The Hive, the company embraced the meme template to promote their candy.

meme-based social media marketing

Although there’s no question that these campaigns are fun and attention-grabbing, it’s still uncertain if they’re effective. In the case of the pizzeria’s $1 pizza, they’re promoting a product that could attract customers on its own. Will the use of meme themes really attract a new or different crowd?

What are your thoughts? Have you encountered other brands that have tried a variation on a meme as a marketing tactic? Did it pique your interest? Or was it a deterrent? And if you’re looking to dive deeper into the world of social media marketing, check out our resources.