Futurama Embraces Memes for Season Premiere Ads

“Futurama” and Comedy Central’s marketing team are taking advantage of the social media realm to get the word out about the show’s new season.

The show’s core audience consists of web and computer savvy folks who have an impressive web presence on their own. With that in mind, the show’s marketing team has taken from the online community and found inspiration for its new season promotion in a meme.

“Futurama” has provided the basis for a few memes in the past, including the entertaining “Why Not Zoidberg” meme. This round of advertising, however, is using the “Not Sure If” meme template to promote the show’s season premiere in June.

“Futurama” writer Eric Rogers tweeted a photo of the ad on his TV on April 26, and the official Comedy Central tumblr account posted the photo the next day, along with a caption that played off the “Why Not Zoidberg” meme.

futurama memes, futurama, comedy central

Not surprisingly, the creative ad has been met with multiple likes, retweets and shares. The marketing team clearly understands the show’s demographic’s interests and has used that to their advantage. Obviously, this tactic wouldn’t work for just any brand or show, but do you think this is a tactic that more brands could be using to their advantage? Or is it too easy to fail at it (remember Shamrocking?)? Share your thoughts with us!

futurama memes, futurama, comedy central