Identifying Visitor Needs for Landing Page Success

Less is almost always more in the landing page realm. Too much content distracts users from seeing and acting on a conversion opportunity. But a page that is too stark can also be a deterrent to clicks, taps and calls.

Wondering how little you can actually get away with? That depends on your visitors’ needs:

  • How much education does a visitor need to feel confident about taking a next step?
  • How much time and information will a visitor commit upon seeing the landing page?

We built this quadrant-based system to help you quickly determine what your visitors require, and with that the level of information your landing page needs.

Landing Page Tool

Consider the descriptions below to determine which of the four quadrants best align with your landing page goals.

Quadrant 1

High Education: Visitors are either intuitively aware of your product, or the product itself is highly commoditized.

Low Commitment: You need to acquire a significant amount of information in order to take the next step in the path to purchase.

Quadrant 2

High Education: With an expensive or high stakes decision, visitors will require a large amount of information before taking a next step. The assumption by that brand is that this is a first, research-intensive step in a longer sales cycle.

High Commitment: Because the sale is likely to take place through a variety of channels and touch points, the sales team needs extensive information from the visitor to allow for multi-channel follow-up. The consumer may look at the product online, get educated, come into a store to view the product, then go back to the web to buy online or call a call center.

Quadrant 3

Low Education: Visitors are likely to be familiar with the product or brand.

Low Commitment: Visitor is anxious to try out the product as soon as possible.

Quadrant 4

Low Education: Users are looking to get a solid understanding of a complex product or service.

High Commitment: As this is just one stop in the user’s extensive research process, they may be hesitant to share extensive personal information just yet.


For landing page feature recommendations based on your visitors’ quadrant, download our free landing page guide.