IBM Study Finds Good IT-Marketing Team Relationships Are Key to Success

According to a recent study conducted by IBM, companies aren’t doing enough to bring their marketing and IT teams together to take advantage of the digital space.

The study, State of Marketing 2012, surveyed more than 350 marketing professionals in a range of industries. Companies that have IT and marketing departments that work together report greater success and high performance than those that don’t. Here are some highlights of the study:

  • More than half of respondents who characterized their companies as high-performing pointed to good relationships between marketing and IT departments, 10% higher than other companies.
  • High-performers are three times more likely to actively create a company-wide customer experience across channels.
  • One-third of responding marketing executives intend to deliver mobile ads within the next 12 months, the highest rate for that marketing channel in the study’s five-year history.
  • 46% intend to use mobile sites.
  • 45% are targeting mobile apps.
  • One-quarter of respondents showed interest in launching apps on social networking sites, utilizing user-generated content in social media or launching social media ads.
  • Almost 60% of respondents said the lack of IT alignment and integration are “significant barriers” to the infrastructure and integration needed to pursue these opportunities.

Which area does your company fall in? Are your marketing and IT teams closely aligned to make the most of your efforts, or is a communication breakdown keeping your company from reaching its full potential?