How to Search Your Site for Internal Linking Opportunities

Internal Linking TipsInternal links point from one page on your website to another page on your website, and they’re important for two reasons. From the user perspective, they point to further resources, making your site a more helpful experience. From the brand’s perspective, as SEOMoz puts it, internal links “establish site architecture and spread your link juice” — more on that here.

Say you’ve been producing quality content for some time now but haven’t been establishing internal links. Going back and connecting one page to another through keyword-based links sounds like a tedious task (let’s be real: it is), but Google’s search operators connect the dots by identifying internal linking opportunities.

For example, say I’m writing an article that mentions Instagram and I want to link that keyword back to relevant articles. But since I’m not sure which articles to link to, I head to Google and type in the following query: site:lonelybrand.com instagram and Google returns all mentions of the word “Instagram” on lonelybrand.com.

Internal linking strategies

To find linking opportunities for a given key on your site, plug your website and keyword into this query:

site:[yourwebsite.com] keyword

For more tips on linking and keyword strategy, check out The “Do”s and “Don’t”s of SEO.