Three Ways to Find New Twitter Connections

Twitter is an excellent resource for brands, but without followers, you’re simply speaking to no one. Creating engaging Twitter content and providing great products and services isn’t always enough to win you followers, though. In order to find new followers, you often need to take the initiative to seek out new, interesting and engaging contacts. With 640 million existing Twitter accounts, it can be difficult to find and make connections, but here are a few ways (and tools) to make it easier.

Find ‘contributors’ with TweetReach

twitter marketing for business

Your tweets may be traveling farther than you realize and, as a result, they could be getting attention from some important people. By using a simple tool like TweetReach you can examine the reach of a specific tweet, including its best contributors — people who have shared or retweeted it. Examine some of your most popular tweets and take a closer look at the people sharing them. If they’re influential, in your own industry or loyal fans, they could be worth following.

Follow and be followed with Twellow

twitter marketing for business

Twellow is a directory of public Twitter accounts with categories that users can browse or a search to find people in affiliated with the industries and topics that interest them. If you’re just beginning to search for new contacts, this is definitely a good place to start. You can use it anonymously or, if you wish, you can join the site and have your own profile listed in the directory.

Make discoveries with #hashtag searches

twitter marketing for business

If you can wade through the pun-filled and promotional hashtags, they can actually be useful in finding influential tweeters. Do a search in Twitter for topics or industries that relate to your brand and then check out the folks using that hashtag. Sure, there will undoubtedly be ’empty’ accounts not worth following or engaging, but you might be surprised by the amount of new contacts you’ll find. You can also filter the results from ‘Tweets’ to ‘People’ to find even more potential contacts.

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