5 Go-To Twitter Techniques for B2B Brands

As 2012 draws to a close, we’re taking a look back at our most engaging social media content. In the process we’ve noticed several common themes among our most-clicked tweets.

While Twitter is a whole different animal for B2B marketing, there are several techniques that can call the right kind of attention to your brand, no matter what you sell. Adopt these guidelines in the coming year to drive engagement on Twitter and boost traffic to your website.

1. Support your community

One of the best things you can do on Twitter is stop talking about yourself and start supporting members of your community. When we found out that Built in Chicago made Forbes’ Best Organizations for Entrepreneurs list, we wanted to spread the news — and given the overwhelming response to our tweet, it turns out our friends, neighbors and followers shared that excitement.

2. Use popular hashtags

Hashtags were built for indexing, not #arbitrarywordmashing, so use them accordingly. Finding hashtags that your audience actually uses requires a bit of research, but in the end can exponentially increase engagement. In the tweet below, we wanted to get the word out about an entrepreneurial competition we sponsored, so we included the oft-used #startuplove hashtag. Don’t be tempted to go overboard, though — no one wants to see twelve hashtags per tweet.

3. Use recognizable themes and language

Our best landing page designs series generates some of our most popular content, and followers have come to expect posts that fit into that series. If you have a collection of unique and content, attach a memorable phrase that Twitter followers can become familiar with over time.

4. Call out brands

Fellow brands will likely appreciate your mention of them in a piece of content, so be sure to call attention to that mention on Twitter. Not only does it associate your content with a familiar brand, it increases the likelihood of sharing from popular accounts and boosts your reach.

5. Take advantage of events

Twitter and industry events go hand in hand, arguably more so than with any other social platform. And since most events have hashtags, including one in your tweet increases the chances that attendees will see your contribution. This works for liveblogging, recaps and other commentary, so be sure to arm yourself  beforehand with the proper hashtag. In the example below, our recap on the This American Life Live app gained traction thanks to the #TALlive hashtag, which was used by attendees and non-attendees alike.


Which strategies have proven successful for your brand when it comes to Twitter engagement?