4 HootSuite Cheats (and Apps) for Community Managers

hootsuite cheats

One of the toughest parts about being a community manager is scheduling and monitoring a variety of social presences at the same time. Often you find yourself juggling multiple accounts, multiple tabs and multiple sets of credentials, and faced with messages that you can’t typically schedule. We did some digging and found four HootSuite cheats and apps that will help you stay a little more organized and make the accounts easier for you to manage.

Linkedin Groups

hootsuite cheats linkedin groups

You probably know that you can post to your LinkedIn Profile and company page from HootSuite itself, but you might not have realized that you can also use it to post and schedule posts for groups. Just connect your LinkedIn account (if you haven’t already) and then import the group(s) you want to schedule posts for. Then, just choose the group from your dropdown menu of accounts and compose like normal.

Viral Tag 

hootsuite cheats viraltag

Viral Tag is an app that allows you to schedule pins for Pinterest without having to leave Hootsuite. You can select a board from your dropdown menu and even include a source URL and description. If you don’t need to schedule it, you can just directly post a pin from the app. It comes with a monthly fee, but it’s also available to try for free for two days.

Survey Monkey

hootsuite cheats survey monkey

If you regularly handle PR-related tasks like issuing surveys, you can connect your SurveyMonkey account to your HootSuite account. You’ll then be alerted every time a survey is returned, keeping you from having to log in separately to keep track.


hootsuite cheats storify

If you’re also tasked with curating content for an account you can easily create a “story” of related curated content by creating and connecting your Stority account. Every time you encounter a tweet that is relevant, just select “Send to Storify” from the tweet’s accompanying dropdown menu. No need to open up a separate tab!

Are there other HootSuite apps or secrets you’ve discovered that make your community management role a lot easier to handle? Share them with us in the comments below. Or, if you’re a diehard Tweetdeck fan, we’ve got some tips for brand marketers.