Hollywood & Vines is Airbnb’s New Crowdsourced Film Project

Hollywood and Vines

Vine contests are getting more sophisticated by the minute. The latest installment comes from room rental service Airbnb. This team is already known for its content marketing brilliance (see the Neighborhoods Project), and now they’re adding Vine to the online promotion arsenal.

Essentially, the new Hollywood and Vines contest is a crowdsourced short film project. Fans are invited to help shoot pieces of the film using the Vine app. Airbnb delivers shot instructions via Twitter, and fans can then share their Vine interpretations on Twitter using corresponding hashtags (#Airbnb for the contest; #S41 to indicate shot number) to submit their work. As motivation, creators of selected clips win a $100 Airbnb coupon.

Airbnb VineShot prompts were posted between August 22 and August 25, and submissions will be accepted up to 48 hours after initial posting.

Both Airbnb and Vine have a young, creative user base and so far those factors have worked in the contest’s favor. As you can see below, Hollywood and Vine submissions have been both consistent and carefully crafted.

Vine is using a variety of platforms to promote the contest, including Facebook, Google Plus and Twitter, where they’ve changed their cover photo, bio and website to focus exclusively on contest promotion.

Twitter Cover Photo

Back in July, Nissan announced that selected #versavid Vines would be used to fill the company’s next TV spot. While Vine contest ROI for brands is still up in the air, they are proving to be great traffic drivers for Vine as a platform, which announced just last week that it has surpassed 40 million users, representing 207% growth in the past two months.