Google Plus Introduces Embeddable Posts, Author Attribution

google plus

Yesterday¬†Google Plus announced two new features to help give credit where and when credit is due — embeddable posts and author attribution.

google plus embeddable post

Taking a cue from social giants like Facebook and Twitter, Google Plus is now allowing users to embed public posts into other sites. With embedded posts, readers have the ability to share, comment and +1 content without leaving the page. This improves the chances of the content getting shared and helps ensure the author is attributed. To share content, writers and bloggers only have to find a public post, click the dropdown arrow in the top right corner, choose “embed post” from the list and copy and paste the code into their own content.

In addition to embeddable posts, Google Authorship has now expanded to include Google Plus. Now, if you log into a site like WordPress using your Google Plus information, the content you publish will automatically be tied to your social profile.

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