Google Open Gallery Gives Museums Online Exhibit Opportunities

open gallery

Previously, museums, archives and artists had to look to Pinterest and Flickr if they wanted to put their works on display for Internet users. Now, Google Open Gallery is giving them the opportunity to incorporate all that and more into online exhibits. One of the early adopters of this new feature is the Fort Collins Museum of Discovery, and their page beautifully showcases the possibilities the Open Gallery presents.

google open gallery

Visitors can play a slideshow or scroll through photos, Google street views, videos and even audio. Page owners can enhance their work by adding in descriptions, dates and background about each piece. Users can also search for, filter and compare content in a sleek and intuitive way.

google open gallery

Perhaps the best part about Open Gallery, is that it can be incorporated into pre-existing pages. If your archive doesn’t currently have a web presence, though, don’t worry. You can still use Open Gallery to create all the exhibits you need.

To get onboard with the Google Open Gallery, you can request an invite directly from the Google Cultural Institute here. You can also explore the Google Open Gallery in action over on the Museum of Bad Art exhibit.