Google+ Beats Facebook on Customer Satisfaction Report

Google+ has gotten more than its fair share of ribbing by the greater social media public, but according to the American Customer Satisfaction Index E-Business Report, it is at the top in terms of user satisfaction in the social media realm.

According to the report, Google+ and Wikipedia are tied with a score of 78 on a 100-point scale. Although Facebook has been the topic of much discussion in the past few months, its frequent UI changes, excess of ads and privacy concerns have all hurt the social media giant in the eyes of users. It scored a 61 on the report, down from 66 last year.

Twitter, LinkedIn and Pinterest all made their debuts on the report with scores of 64, 63 and 69 respectively.

Of course, there are major differences between the general user demographics on the major social networks. Google+ users tend to be more tech-savvy and skew male, Pinterest’s demographic is largely 25 to 34-year-old females and Facebook’s demographic bridges the most age groups, both genders and the most occupations.

Could the differences among their demographics account for the differences in the sites’ user satisfaction ratings? Or is it purely based on how well or how poorly the sites are designed and listen to users’ suggestions?