3 Steps To Take Before Implementing Gmail’s Google Plus Widget

gmail google plus widget

If your brand still has an active presence on Google Plus, we have great news. Google recently introduced the Google Plus widget as a Gmail feature. The widget culls information and content from your brand’s Google Plus page and highlights it next to messages sent from the brand or business’s domain. It helps drive traffic to your Google Plus page while also highlighting the content you share. You can learn how to enable the feature here, but there are a few steps you should take first to ensure that your Google Plus presence is as good as possible.

Make sure your logo is up to snuff.

Your profile picture is going to appear front and center in the email widget, so you may want to revamp it a little before you enable it. If you don’t already have your brand’s logo as your profile pic, consider switching it out. It’ll make the page look official and also help build brand recognition. If you already have your logo as your profile picture, make sure it’s hi-res and easy to read and recognize.

Make sure your profile has been updated to Google Plus’ new format.

If you’re successful in driving readers to your Google Plus page, you’re going to want to make a great first impression. Make sure you’ve updated your cover photo to fit the new dimensions and that your contact and about info is all up to date. Get the dimensions and other essential info about the Google Plus redesign here.

Make sure you’ve got quality recent activity to back it up.

Not only will the widget display your Google Plus page, it will also display your recent activity. That means it’s important to consistently update your profile with quality content that accurately represents your brand and your Google Plus presence.

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