Get Ready for a Lot More Promoted Pins on Pinterest


Remember yesterday when we told you it was time to start getting serious about paid social? Well, the latest social network to move from the “putting a toe in the water” to the “doing a cannonball into the deep end” approach to paid social is Pinterest. That’s right, the grand champion of social media sales conversions┬áis opening up it’s promoted pins program to all US Marketers.

Pinterest’s Organic Features are Still Great

Using Pinterest’s free, organic features has been a boon for many marketers, in particular food and home brands who are able to share recipes and DIY projects with legions of fans on the social network. Unlike other social networks (we’re looking at you, Facebook) these organic features will continue to be a viable, valuable part of an brand’s Pinterest strategy. In particular, aforementioned food, home, and also retail brands should still be able to drive conversions with strong Pinterest campaigns.

Promoted Pins Will Give You a Competitive Edge

Now, however, every brand will be able to get a leg up on the competition using promoted pins. Promoted pins work just like promoted content on other social networks. For a price, brands can get their pins in front of the eyes of potential fans who would not see the content otherwise. The promoted pins blend into a user’s feed, nestled amongst the pins of the boards that user has chosen to follow. Ideally, these promoted pins will end up in front of potential followers who are already interested in a product. So, if someone has several pin-boards dedicated making pies, Pillsbury’s pins of Food Network’s promoted pins might end up in said user’s feed.

Coupled with Pinterest’s already impressive sales conversion rates, promoted pins could potentially be a very effective tool for the right brands.

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