Get Personal with Supadupa.Me’s E-Boutiques

Thanks to sites like Etsy, it’s become very easy for entrepreneurs and small businesses to establish a presence and sell their products online. Now, is giving independent retailers even more freedom when it comes to building a presence for their online boutique. Sure, the site offers businesses their own freestanding boutiques, using their personal site url, but it offers even more than that.

The site’s variety of appearance themes gives e-tailers the ability to easily create an attractive boutique without requiring them to know anything about web design. The look is then further personalized when the e-tailer uploads their own business’ logo.

The personalization doesn’t end there. Users can showcase their unique products by implementing banner slideshows or product lightboxes and slideshows. The slideshows can be used to offer different views of the product, giving customers a more complete picture of what it is they are buying and giving the entire site a more professional, sleeker look.’s Paypal integration makes it easy for the buyer and seller to complete transactions, and the added capability of generating coupons and discount codes allows sellers to reward loyalty.

Looking to enter the world of e-tail? The founders of have learned a lot about creating a strong, design focused e-commerce site. Learn from their experiences and mistakes to give your site the best UX possible from the start.