Set Deadlines, Assign Content with GatherContent


Collaborating on content can be difficult, especially if your team is large, or if you’re working across multiple offices. Tools like Hootsuite and Sprout Social have made it easier for teams to collaborate on social, but what about general site or blog content? Say hello to GatherContent.


GatherContent allows users to create assignments for team members revolving around site content. Simply create a structure for your site, and add sections to be created and written. As the assigner, users can also add in requirements for each section or assignment. Lets say you’re creating a section of your site dedicated to webinars your team has conducted. Just create a section called Webinars, and list your requirements for the copy in that section. For example, you might ask the writer assigned to that task to “Write a descriptive paragraph for each webinar that includes the featured speaker and the topic.”

Once a task is created, it can be assigned to team members and also assigned a deadline. This can help keep members on track without having to refer to a spreadsheet or Google Doc to keep track of assignments and due dates. Copy can be submitted for review, and the status graph lets you know where you’re at in the process.

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