Friskies Launches Video Contest

Watch out, Internet, you’re about to experience another influx in cute and funny cat videos.

In a move that many are seeing as long overdue, Friskies cat food is embracing the digital space and encouraging customers and fans to connect with them in a new way online. The brand announced the first Friskies Awards — the first award created to recognize the best new Internet cat videos of the year. Fans are encouraged to submit their original videos starring their own aspiring LOLcats, and one lucky winner will receive the grand prize of $15,000.

Not too shabby, right? But the contest is more than just a contest, it’s a clever way for Friskies to gain some fans and greater engagement through its social accounts. Here’s how: The submissions give Friskies plenty of content to share through their Twitter and Facebook pages, immediately grabbing the attention of fans who have followed or liked them. We know that Facebook has become a very visual space, so pictures and videos are great ways to find engagement. Friskies, however, has boosted the incentive for engaging with their social accounts and their social content even more.

As The Friskies site details, “each entry, vote, like or share of a video at our Friskies®Facebook page will trigger a donation of 5 cans of Friskies® to one of 25 cat charity partners across the nation, up to 250,000 cans!” With that kind of incentive, Friskies will undoubtedly see a great rate of engagement through the duration of the contest.

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