Foursquare Expands Search to Include Menu Items

foursquare menu

Back in May, Foursquare announced that it had added integration with Locu in addition to SinglePlatform to give Foursquare users the ability to browse restaurant menus. Now, the networking site has announced that hungry users will now be able to search for restaurants serving a specific dish. This expanded feature allows users to search for food in the exact same way they search for restaurants and cuisines. Although this is great news for businesses and users alike, there are definitely steps that need to be taken by businesses to make sure their listing is the best it can be. To reap the full benefits of your Foursquare menu, follow these three steps.

Make sure your menu is listed and connected to Foursquare.

Foursquare partnered with Locu and SinglePlatform to allow businesses to post their menus in the first place. Now, these same platforms are what are allowing hungry searchers to find the exact dish they’re craving. If you have registered with either site to post your menu, now is definitely the time. For directions on how to integrate your Foursquare with your menu service, go here.

Make sure your Foursquare menu is up to date.

If your menu is already listed on Locu or SinglePlatform, take the time to review it and make sure that it’s up to date. If a customer comes across your restaurant on Foursquare because of your gut-busting burger and you 86ed it months ago, you’ll spend more effort trying to win that customer over again than you would have had you just updated the menu.

Make sure your Foursquare menu is optimized.

Regulars might now the cute nicknames for your dishes, but the newbie diner might not realize that The Gutbuster is a burger. Make sure that ¬†your menu is clear and understandable to the casual searcher. If it means changing your listing from “The Gutbuster” to “The Gutbuster burger,” then take that extra step to ensure that your listing will show up for people searching for “Gutbuster” as well as “burger.”

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