Four Clever Facebook Tab Additions for Insurance Brands

It can be difficult to get customers to engage with your brand, especially if your product or service is something your customers don’t interact with on a daily basis — like insurance. So, if you can provide your fans and followers with services that they can use directly on your Facebook profile, the chances of your engagement increasing are definitely better. What should those services/features be? Let Travelers, Foremost, New York Life and MetLife be your guides.

Travelers Insurance Quote Tab

insurance social media marketing

Let’s face it, a personalized quote tab is a necessity for all insurance brands. Not only does it give customers what they want without having to leave your profile, it also helps in lead generation. Of course, a quote tab does a brand no good if it’s not featured prominently. Travelers understands this, and has arranged the brand’s tab lineup so that it appears before the fold and just below the ‘like’ button, inviting new fans to give them a try.

Foremost Insurance’s Products Tab

insurance social media marketing

One of the biggest challenges insurance brands, in particular, face is the challenge of answering customers’ questions about coverage. Foremost took note of this and, in an effort to keep some of those questions at bay, created their ‘products’ tab which details exactly what they insure. From there, customers can click on the items they are interested in insuring and they are redirected to the appropriate section of the official Foremost site. Once again, this addition can be a potential help for lead gen.

New York Life’s Keep Good Going Tab

insurance social media marketing

As part of its new campaign Keep Good Going, New York Life is inviting fans and followers to contribute to the project. From the brand’s Keep Good Going tab: “One way we pass along good is through Life Lessons: Simple but important truths that guide our everyday actions. We invite you to share your own Life Lessons or how you Keep Good Going in your family.” The campaign itself is positive, but inviting others to contribute their own experiences gives it a new greater appeal and, most importantly, is an awesome way to boost engagement through Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. (Click on the photo to get a better view.)

MetLife’s Good Grief Tab

insurance social media marketing

While many brands have fought to endear customers to them by creating fun, entertaining characters that speak for the brand (e.g. Progressive’s Flo, the Geico gecko) MetLife already has much beloved characters in the form of the Peanuts gang. So, staying true to the characters, the brand has introduced elements like Schroeder’s Piano and the Good Grief tab. More than just a game, the Good Grief tab offers users a pop quiz and tips covering what to do if they’re involved in a home or car accident. Combining beloved characters with helpful tips has helped boost engagement and raise those “Talking about this” numbers.

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