Facebook’s App Center Roll Out

Wednesday, the folks over at Facebook announced a feature that will begin rolling out in the next few weeks — the App Center.

As the post details, the Facebook App Center will feature social apps that meet certain specific Facebook guidelines and have received an overwhelming amount of high ratings and positive reviews. Not unlike Google Play or the App Store, the App Center will list apps according to category, while allowing users to see top grossing and popular apps along with recommended apps and apps used by friends. If an app requires installation, however, Facebook will send the user to either the App Store or Google Play to complete the transaction.

facebook app center screenshot, facebook

App developers will be able to use Facebook Insights to determine their app’s ratings over time, and any app that fares poorly or doesn’t meet guidelines will not be included. Developers will also be required to have a Facebook login for their app.

The App Center will be accessible via the Facebook website as well as the official Facebook mobile apps. App developers will also be able to create a description page for their app where they can upload images, icons and screencaps. The App Center will even allow for developers to charge for their apps.

facebook app center screenshot, facebook

Interested Facebookers and app developers can find more information about the new App Center here.

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