3 Ways to Use Facebook Embeddable Posts for Brands

facebook embeddable posts for brands

The recent announcement introducing Facebook’s embeddable posts has us thrilled at the idea of not having to take another post screenshot. It’s a huge feature introduction for brands who regularly create posts around tips, tricks and tactics for brand marketers. But for others, it probably doesn’t seem like that big of a deal. If you’re failing to see how you can use Facebook embeddable posts to your brand’s benefit, we’ve got a few ideas to help you see the potential.

Promote Facebook based contests.

facebook embeddable posts for brands

Social networks like Facebook are an excellent place to host contests, but they’re easy to overlook by fans and customers who aren’t aware of your social presence. To help bring traffic back to a contest, simply embed the Facebook post within your brand’s site or blog. Users will be able to interact with it more directly than they would if you only included it as a link, and it’s more attractive and visually appealing.

Spread the call for user-generated content.

facebook embeddable posts for brands

We’ve sung the praises of user-generated content many times, but it can be difficult to get people to participate and spread the word. Instead of dedicating a blog post or site page to it, simply share the Facebook post requesting UGC by embedding it. Visitors to your site will be able to see your request and even some participants’ contributions as they’re posted in the comments. Once again, it captures visitors’ attention and also makes it easy to directly contribute.

Promote social partners.

facebook embeddable posts for brands

Partnering up with local and not-so-local brands can help promote your products and bring in a new audience for you to reach out to. Instead of just including them as an affiliate link, or something similar, highlight their brand by embedding an exceptional post in a blog post. Visitors will see the quality content they produce and will easily be able to like the brand, the post and share a comment if they want.

When the feature is rolled out to users, make sure you’re ready! Brush up on the Facebook embeddable post feature with our guide.