Expand Your Network with Google Plus Communities

Although there still seems to be a lot of debate over how many active users are actually on Google Plus, there’s no denying that if you’re in the right industry, you can definitely find an audience on the network. With the introduction of the Google Plus Communities, brands and brand marketers have an even better chance of connecting with consumers and colleagues. Here’s how.

Brand-Specific Communities

google+ communities

When we took a closer look at the top brands on Google Plus, we discovered that they were major tech-related brands. All three brands had sizable followings and engaged followings. If you’ve found a similar presence with your brand on the network, now might be a great time to dabble with communities. By creating their own communities, users give fans the opportunity to interact directly with the brand and fellow fans. Communities also make it easy for brands to create hangouts that will attract their most engaged followers. Creating sub-categories within the community also helps create a forum feel, making it easier for fans to navigate.

Marketing-Specific Communities

google+ communities

Of course, if your brand’s industry isn’t right for Google+, that doesn’t mean you can’t still find benefits from the Communities feature. The Communities feature automatically shows you groups that you might be interested in based on communities your friends have joined and your own interests, which is great if you’ve connected with colleagues in your industry.

google+ communities

If that’s not the case, though, you can also conduct a simple search to find communities that match your needs. Not only is this a great way to find tips and tricks from fellow marketers, it’s also an excellent way to promote your own content and expertise (hello, content marketing!).

Your approach to Google Plus shouldn’t necessarily be the same as your approach to Facebook or Twitter. For pointers, check out our helpful guide on Google Plus for business.