Donut Day Digital Showdown

Donut Day

Happy Donut Day, America. While New York is fully captivated in its love affair with the cronut, back here in the Midwest we’re still getting our jollies from the good old fashioned donut. In honor of this holiest of holidays, let’s take a look at how the brands of the world are gettin’ down with donuts across the digital landscape.

Vine: Dunkin Donuts

Sure, Dunkin Donuts is new to the Vine game, but they weren’t about to miss the opportunity to throw out a 6-second promotion for their favorite holiday.

Facebook: Entenmann’s

Legend has it that the Salvation Army introduced the donut to American soldiers back in WWI, and Entenmann’s gives those roots a nod in their cover photo. They’re also running a like-based social contest.


Instagram: Krispy Kreme

As a legacy brand (est. 1937), Krispy Kreme doesn’t hesitate to embrace that whole hipst-agram thing that’s so in these days. Filter on filter on filter.

Krispy Kreme

Twitter: Tim Horton’s

The creative behind this campaign may not be the most…well, creative, but attentive community management gets the word out about the Canadian chain’s holiday promo.

Email: Hailo

Subject lines are a tricky beast, but come on, who wouldn’t open an email with the subject line “Free Donuts”? Hailo’s message invites users to grab a free bite at Do-Rite and score taxi credits by tweeting out a pre-poplulated message to friends. Email + social unite!