Digital Secrets of Brand Name Law Firms


Due to technology and the dependence that many people have on the internet, the way that companies market their services and products has drastically changed in the last decade. This is especially true for law firms. In the past, making a television advertisement or putting out an add in the newspaper may have been the best way to gain new clients. And while those methods and techniques are still viable for marketing a brand name of a law firm, they certainly aren’t the only options to consider.


When it comes to marketing a law firm, name recognition is everything. After all, people want to work with a firm that has a good reputation and that they know they can trust to help them with their legal issues. In order for law firms to get their names out there and increase the amount of clients that they have, here are some modern marketing techniques that should be considered. These tips were provided by Quinn & Scattini Lawyers, a forward thinking law firm when it comes to marketing.


Be Easy To Find


When people need legal help, it’s unlikely that they are going to open the phone book and scan through a list of potential lawyers. Instead, they are going to hop online, head to a search engine, type in what they need, and then rely on what they see as the best options for them. This is why it’s vital that law firms are easily found within the first few listings on search engines.


In order to rank highly on search engines, law firms need to focus on SEO optimization. If a firm is unfamiliar with SEO optimization or how to rank highly on search engines, they can consider hiring a company to help them with their efforts. Either way, being ranked highly on search engine listings will build the reputation of the firm and make it easier for new clients to find the services.


Go Social


When social media sites first started popping up online, many people thought of them merely as a tool for students to connect with one another and post photos of the party they went to last weekend. However, this has changed drastically. Now, sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ can help law firms increase their brand recognition.


In order for law firms to get the most out of social media, they should be sure to communicate with their clients and let them know about their services on social. In addition, they can use social media to find new clients who may need legal help. Finally, social media shows clients that lawyers are real people too. This can help build trust and make prospective clients feel comfortable with employing a firm’s services.


It’s also important to note that a social media profile will help with SEO rankings. The more fans a firm has, they better they will do in search.


Reputation Management


Finally, law firms should also be aware of reputation management services. As mentioned earlier, people online want to hire the best legal team with the hopes of winning their legal case. However, if the firm has a reputation for incompetence, it can hurt their overall brand name. A service that is knowledgeable about online marketing can assist law firms with managing their reputation, making it easier for prospective clients to find the good things that people are saying about them. Not only will this help benefit the law firm as a whole but it’ll also help individual lawyers to get more recognition for the work they’ve done. Seeking out a blog like The Black Letter to tell your side of the story is always worth the effort.


For law firms that are looking to take their name recognition to the next level, it’s important that they step up their efforts and make the most of modern technology. With the resources available here, law firms will be able to do just that.