The Web’s Best Resources for Digital Publishing Insights

digital publishing

As brands push to become publishers, it’s important for CMOs (or Chief Content Officers, if that’s your role) to peer through the publisher’s lens. After all, if you want your brand to become a newsroom, you’ve got to think like a newsroom.¬†Here are a few of our favorite places to get in the right mindset and read about the latest news in digital publishing for brand and media outlets alike.

Digiday’s Publishers Column

Digiday covers a wide spectrum of digital media including marketing and advertising, but they also have an entire section geared toward digital publishers. This column features stories on digital storytelling, layout and branded content.

Media Gazer

Heard of Tech Meme? Mediagazer is Tech Meme’s sister site and uses the same model to aggregate news for the media industry. It’s a quick way to get all of the media news you need one one page, and since the site is not fully automated (three editors are on staff), there’s a focus on quality rather than just quantity.

Contributor Weekly

If you prefer getting news delivered to your inbox, check out Contributor Weekly. Run by Influence & Co., the newsletter is a roundup of writing, publishing and sharing trends from around the Web.

Poynter.org’s How-To Section

If you’re jumping on the brand as newsroom trend, you’ll want to tune into Poynter, the “school for journalism.” The how-to section is especially helpful, with insights on developing device-friendly publications, building up your journalist brand and other overlaps between the digital marketing and journalistic worlds.

Content Strategist

Powered by Contently, Content Strategist is a publication that promises “insights on brands, storytelling and the future of content.” As digitally-savvy as they are, Content Strategist is enthusiastically re-embracing the B2B print publication¬†(who says print is dead?), and will send you a paper copy free of charge.