Digital Marketing Toolbox: ShareYourCart

shopping cart wide

For ecommerce sites, shopping cart abandonment is a big obstacle to overcome. SaleCycle estimates that the abandonment rate is at a staggering 73%. With 7 out of every 10 online shoppers failing to complete their purchase, e-commerce sites are looking for ways to facilitate the purchase, as well as get buyers to recommend them to friends. ShareYourCart is one of them. How could ShareYourCart be beneficial for an ecommerce site?

It makes ecommerce more social.

More and more brands are trying to integrate their ecommerce presence with social media, and giving customers the opportunity to share their purchases with friends makes the experience more social without requiring a ton of extra effort by web developers or social media managers.

It helps prevent shopping cart abandonment.

To help complete the purchase, customers are given the opportunity to pick from a list of incentives, including purchase discounts and free shipping. This helps promote purchase completion while also potentially encouraging customers to return to the site and make another purchase at some point.

It serves as a recommendation to the buyer’s friends.

When buyers share a purchase across social, it’s because they’re satisfied with the product as well as the transaction. If a friend of a customer notices that a purchase has been shared to their Facebook, the friend is more likely to check out the site, its products and potentially make their own purchase. The recommendation becomes a social version of word of mouth.

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