Digital Marketing Toolbox: Rapportive for Gmail

Rapportive for GmailThanks to social media, our interconnectedness is more apparent than ever before. But actually finding those connections requires a bit of research – research that can quickly become a time consuming chore.

That’s where Rapportive comes in. The Gmail add-on shows you everything you need to know about your contacts right where you need it: inside your inbox.

To get started, grab the free plugin from the Chrome Web Store. Once installed, open up a message within Gmail, and you’ll immediately see a helpful sidebar that pulls in information from the social outlets that correspond to your contact’s email address. This includes a picture, plus links to their profiles (and more importantly, opportunities to connect) on Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, Google Plus and more.

Rappportive turns strangers into connections, making it a powerful tool for networking, business development and writing. For more information, check out the Rapportive website.

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