Demystifying Facebook’s Admin Levels

facebook admin

Launching a brand Facebook page and assigning admin roles can be a confusing and overwhelming process. Having too many people involved can cause confusion and problems, but failing to give admins the appropriate amount of control can also cause issues. The Facebook team has tried explaining the differences between the many admin roles by putting together this chart.

Screen Shot 2014-03-10 at 10.22.57 AM

But if you’re new to Facebook, this chart might not be very clear. So, how can you determine the best role to assign each admin? As yourself these questions.

Do you…

Want to give someone complete control over what is posted, moderated and who is added as an admin? Grant them Manager status.

Want to give someone the ability to do everything but add and remove admins? Make them a Content Creator.

Want to give your customer service team the ability to smooth over negative comments and complaints? Give them the ability to respond to content (not create it) with Moderator status.

Want to use a third party (like an agency) to create and implement advertising for your page? Give them Advertiser status.

Need to give a third party access to analyze your brand’s page and see where there’s room for improvement? Give them Insights Analyst status.


  • Content Creator status is given to new admins by default. If you’ve hired someone else to build your page and add you as an admin, make sure that they grant you manager access from the get go. If you have a falling out, it’s the only way you’ll be able to have complete control over your page. No manager status? No control.
  • Thanks to Facebook’s new admin transparency feature, you can determine who has posted what on behalf of your page. Use this feature to determine who is doing what, and then assign or reassign roles accordingly.
  • Content creators and lower admins cannot remove themselves as admins of your page. If someone quits, is fired, or is transferred to other duties, you need to make sure you, as the manager, go in and remove their access.

Need to remove and reassign Facebook admin roles? Learn how with our tutorial.