Facebook Admins Take Note, Transparency is Coming!

facebook admin

Aside from occasional API problems and a lack of hands-on control, social networking clients like Hootsuite and Sprout Social have long given community managers the ability to schedule posts and manage accounts. It’s even given them the ability to keep track of who’s posting what, something Facebook has long neglected.

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This feature in particular has been a major advantage for community managers working on behalf of clients because of the added a level of transparency. The ability to pin down creators of problematic posts is invaluable when multiple community managers are involved. Soon, though, that transparency is finally making its way to Facebook itself.

On February 20, Facebook page admins will be able to see which admin posted or scheduled which piece of content. Although posts made before February 20 will not include admin info, every post made after that date will. But rest assured, community managers — this transparency will only be visible to your fellow page admins.

With the change still days away, now is the perfect time to reassess who is on your Facebook page’s team and what their roles are. If a team member exited the company, but failed to remove themself as an admin, now is the time to make sure their privileges are revoked. Likewise, if a team member is a manager but should only have moderator status (or vice versa), take the time to adjust accordingly.

Need a refresher course on adjusting or removing admin roles? Check out our helpful how-to guide.