Digital Marketing Toolbox: Paper.li


Curation and creation are essential when it comes to content marketing. Creating great content that your readers can share and that you can use to assert your expertise is essential, but curating content from others is also important. Through curation, you can share great third-party content to then make further connections and expand your own knowledge. There is a science to curating great content, but a great easy content curation tool is accessible and available to use right away: Paper.li.

Paper.li allows users to create their own personalized ‘papers’ that aggregates content from any sources you choose, including RSS feeds, Twitter accounts and Google Plus pages. Users can then set the publishing frequency of their paper. So, why is this such a great tool to utilize?

It helps you find content you might have missed.

Reviewing your daily or weekly ‘paper’ gives you the ability to discover content that you may have overlooked. You can review the big stories of the week, find the ones that are most applicable to you and your team, and then use those to expand your own education and expertise.

It helps curate content for you automatically.

It can be difficult to set aside the time to find valuable content from other sources, especially if you’re acting as content creator for multiple clients, brands or accounts. Paper.li won’t replace the task of curating content, but it can help bolster your efforts and make it easier for you to review the best your sources have to offer.

It helps build your network.

Content creators love being acknowledged for their content. By pulling in thought leaders as well as startups and newcomers, you can find great advice and expertise from a variety of experience levels, while also giving shoutouts and recognition to seasoned pros and newbies who have a good handle on the business. Give them a positive shoutout and they’ll return the favor, one way or another.

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