Content Marketing Lessons: The Lego Movie

lego movie

You’ve probably heard all about “The Lego Movie” already. Even if you’re not into animated movies at all – admit it – there’s a small part of you that wants to watch blocks voiced by Chris Pratt, Will Ferrell, and most definitely Morgan Freeman and Liam Neeson. Some argue it’s a great piece of entertainment; some argue it’s one long advertisement. In all honesty, it’s probably both, because it is great content marketing.

Honestly, I think any ad – regardless of the channel – would have an impact with Morgan Freeman’s voice. But why is “The Lego Movie” a perfect example of content marketing?

It’s advertainment

Advertising should provide a value to your target audience, and entertainment is a value. People want to avoid boredom, and react quickly to entertainment. The movie also appeals to more than just children. With an A-list Hollywood cast that provides voices and a bit of their natural characters to the movie, it is easy to convince anyone to watch. Men, women, millennials, parents, etc. can all find enjoyment.

It’s a story

We are all natural storytellers. Brands that resonate the most share stories with us, from Nike’s “Just Do It” to Levi’s “Ready to Work” campaign, stories draw people in. “The Lego Movie” tells a story of a simple guy (Chris Pratt) who saves the world. More importantly, viewers already understand that individual sets of Lego toys tell the story of the user. Kids can go wild with their imaginations, creating whatever they want with Lego toys. Already familiar with the brand, it’s no wonder that fans are drawn in to witness a new story.

It’s awesomely clever

Lego didn’t need a movie to sell more products. But now that it has become a media brand, it can. The movie already surpassed its production costs in revenue in its first week, but you can bet that it also sold quite a few related products. After taking kids to the movie, good luck getting home without being hearing “can we get the new Lego video game?” and “I need a new Lego set!”  To be honest, I kind of want one now.

What are your thoughts on “The Lego Movie?”  Tell us in the comments below.

Photo by Dillsnufus / CC BY / Resized from original.