3 Types of Content Car Dealers & Brands Should Be Creating

content marketing car brands

Believe it or not, content marketing does make a difference in the minds of consumers. Research shows that a whopping 78% of consumers believe that companies providing custom content are interested in building good relationships. That goes a long way for brands trying to find new and keep old customers, especially when the purchase is a big ticket item like a car. Buying a car is a stressful process, and buyers feel they need to be as educated as possible before stepping onto the lot. Car brands and dealers can actually help buyers with this process by crafting helpful content. Here are three types of content marketing car brands can create to bring buyers back to their sites again and again.


A car is a big purchase, and it can be intimidating, especially for first-time buyers. Tip blog posts can include topics like “What to look for in a used car,” “How to get the most life out of your car” or “The best vehicle for your needs.”¬†Easing car owners’ minds by giving them tip lists can build confidence in your brand and help develop a relationship where there wasn’t one previously.

Common Questions

Giving drivers a place to find answers to common questions, or even ask questions of their own, can be another great way to build relationships. It will help assert your authority on the subject and give drivers a resource that they trust and can turn to as needed.


Checklists are great evergreen material that stand the test of time and can be used over and over again without requiring a writer or designer to update them. Creating a downloadable doc that buyers can print and take with them onto the lot will give buyers a boost of confidence, and help bolster the relationship you’re fostering.

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