How to Build a Winning Brand Campaign on Tumblr


Tumblr is the sixth most popular social network in the United States. 48 million people a month use the social blogging site. It is particularly popular with teenagers and twenty-somethings, coveted demographics for many brands. For content marketing campaigns, the micro-blogging site should be ideal. Advertising on Tumblr has many potential benefits. Ads on the network are non-disruptive and evergreen. What do you need to consider when advertising on Tumblr?

What are some best practices for building a winning Tumblr Campaign?

Worth a Thousand Words.

Tumblr is a visual and text-based platform and while words are important, high quality images are essential. Make sure to put time and effort into creating images that people will want to share, not just glorified sell-sheets. The optimum size for sponsored dash posts is 500 x 750 pixels and 1280 x 1920 for high res images.

…but Don’t Forget to Write Some Great Words.

Tumblr is first and foremost, a blogging platform. This means you can’t get buy with sub par writing. Make sure you optimize your content the same way you optimize content on your corporate blog for maximum impact.

Identity Targeting — Not a thing on Tumblr.

One drawback to Tumblr ads: The site does not have the targeting tools that sites like Facebook provide. So, if you want to target a campaign at say, twenty-somethings in California, you can’t.  This means that your ads really need to be great to catch the attention of the audience you want. If you want to target twenty-somethings in California, you need to create content that they will like, and hopefully, share on the site.

Advertising on Tumblr is a risk. The advertising platform the site uses is relatively new and many brands have not shown good ROI for the money they’ve spent on the site. However, if advertising on Tumblr is risky, than it is also a platform with a lot of potential reward.