Brands That Release Free Online Tools Get Noticed


In order to set yourself apart from the ever-increasing amounts of competition in your industry, it is always helpful to give away free stuff. However, so many people are into the game of free giveaways that this has begun to lose its luster as well. In order to stand out these days, you need to be sure that your free giveaways are relevant to your target audience as well as to your brand. Having an item that serves as a conversation piece doesn’t hurt, either.


Keep Your Items Relevant


If your business is kitchenware, then you might have a great chance of success with a free online kitchen design tool like the one made by Digital Decorator. If your business is interior design, then a room designer tool might fit your needs most effectively. Ideally, you want your customer to be able to logically associate your free giveaway with your brand. Forget generic items like pens and notepads; these get thrown away never to be seen again. Even if they are used, the association is not there. Your business will receive no increase in visibility or notoriety.


Make Sure Your Items Are Productive


You must also be sure that your free online tool is helpful to your audience. It does not matter whether a product is free or not – if it does not work well, it speaks negatively of your the brand. Therefore make sure that anything that you put out is not only relevant but also productive for your target audience.


Do Not Forget Games and Applications!


Some companies are having a great deal of success by getting into games and applications for smartphones and tablets. If you have a very visible logo, you may put it as the main character in a side scroller, depending on your audience. If your audience is not necessarily into video games, you might be able to have an app designed that gives tips on your industry at certain intervals throughout the day. Give your customers the option of how often to receive these tips so that they do not become annoying. This is an idea that many Fortune 500 companies have actually implemented to great success.


Website Releases


Many small businesses have also released updates via their website that blast out coupons to an opt-in list. You can also use GPS tracking to give coupons to people who are within a certain range of your storefront. Again, be sure that whomever you send these coupons to has opted in through your website and you have a free online tool that is sure to get your company noticed more positively.


The Bottom Line For Free Online Tools If You Want to Get Your Company Noticed


No matter the way in which you choose to make your company more visible, be sure that you put the same effort in choosing your free products that you put into the products that you sell. General mass marketing strategies and free products no longer have the impact that they used to. People today have so many choices that even free products must be relevant and add to the day-to-day productivity of your target market. Keep this in mind, and your free online tools are sure to get your company noticed in a positive way.