Waterproof Headphones: 7 Top Products Tested and Reviewed

Waterproof Headphones Roundup: The Best Tested and Reviewed

Waterproof headphones are the latest innovation in a growing swimming technology market, and 2017 has seen a bevy of products added to the mix. We’ve tested and reviewed the best, so you don’t have to deal with underwater disappointment. Read on swimming enthusiasts, and prepare to be surrounded with aquatic sound. Looking for more stylish beats on terra firma? Check out our wood grain earbuds and best wireless earbuds lists.

Package Deal: Waterproof iPod Shuffle and Waterproof Headphones

The best package deal if you need a device and full waterproofing, $120 and up on Amazon.com, Prime eligible.
Waterproof Headphones Shuffle Deal

This is the ultimate kit for the active swimmer. Not only do you get a variety of Shuffle colors to choose from, but you also get true short cord waterproof headphones. Clip the shuffle to the back of your swim cap or goggles, and you’re good to go. The package is also available in Apple’s new royal blue color, making this a wet and wild pairing. Current deals and pricing here.