Amazon Funniest Reviews Page Highlights Products, Reclaims Traffic

amazon funniest reviews

Usually Amazon reviews are straightforward and helpful, but there has been a trend recently where eager reviewers have been leaving cheeky comments for a variety of products. From Bic pens to uranium ore, no product is safe from these tongue-in-cheek reviews. Instead of ignoring or trying to stifle them, though, Amazon has chosen to embrace and put them on display, opening up a new area of content marketing for the online shopping giant. The Amazon Funniest Reviews page has turned one-off jokes into something readers can come back to and, perhaps, get use out of. Here’s how.

A Dedicated Best of the Best List

amazon funniest reviews

Rather than leaving readers to find the reviews for the Hutzler 571 Banana Slicer or the Three Wolf Moon T-Shirt on their own, or through other aggregated news sources, the Amazon team has done the work to put them all in one place. It’s a dynamic list, which means it will be just as quick to cover the next lampooned product as Buzzfeed, and it’s all housed within the Amazon site itself, bringing all of the traffic to the source.

A Call for Feedback and Nominations

amazon funniest reviews

Since this list is built off of commenters, it only makes sense to invite them to participate. Readers are invited to give their feedback through a comment box, along with any links to funny reviews that they feel deserve to be added to the list. Giving readers a say in what is and isn’t highlighted gives it more of a community feel, and it also reduces the time the Amazon team would need to spend searching for reviews to add.

A Link to the Product Itself (and More Reviews)

amazon funniest reviews

At the end of the day, Amazon is looking to sell…even if it’s something as silly as a gallon of milk. So, the Funniest Reviews page actually features links back to the product purchase pages themselves. Sure, it gives readers the opportunity to read more reviews, but it also gives the more adventurous buyers the chance to actually buy an Accoutrements Horse Head Mask for their own use.

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